Motorola MVME4100 vxWorks Bootrom書き込み


Motorola MVME4100 vxWorks Bootrom書き込み






Copyright Emerson Inc. 2009, All Rights Reserved
Copyright Motorola Inc. 1999-2007, All Rights Reserved
MOTLoad RTOS Version 2.0,  PAL Version 1.1 RM01
Fri Feb 27 10:59:31 MST 2009

MPU-Type             =MPC8548E
MPU-Int Clock Speed  =1333MHz
MPU-CCB Clock Speed  =533MHz
MPU-DDR Clock Speed  =266MHz
MPU-PCI Clock Speed  =100MHz, PCI-X, 64-bit
PMC-PCI Clock Speed  =100MHz, PCI-X, 64-bit, 3.3V
MPU-PCI Express Link Inactive
MPU-Int Cache(L2) Enabled, 512KB, L2CTL =A0000300

Reset/Boot Vector    =Flash0

Local Memory Found   =0_80000000 (2048 MB)
User Download Buffer =015A1000:017A0FFF



  ※イメージは、make bootrom.binにて作成


-c192.168.11.141 自信のIPアドレス
    -s192.168.11.3   TFTPサーバのIPアドレス
    -fbootrom.bin  ダウンロードするbootromファイル名

MVME4100> tftpGet -c192.168.11.141 -s192.168.11.3 -fbootrom.bin
Network Loading from: /dev/enet0
Loading File: bootrom.bin
Load Address: 015A1000
Download Buffer Size = 00200000

Client IP Address      =
Server IP Address      =
Gateway IP Address     =
Subnet IP Address Mask =

Network File Load in Progress…

Bytes Received =&1048576, Bytes Loaded =&1048576
Bytes/Second   =&1048576, Elapsed Time =1 Second(s)




MVME4100> flashShow
Device-Name  Base-Address,Size  Device-Size,Count  Boot  Type
/dev/flash0  F8000000,08000000  04000000,00000002  Yes   AMD 29LV160


MVME4100> flashProg -d/dev/flash0 -o7e00000 -n100000
Source Starting/Ending Addresses      =015A1000/016A0FFF
Destination Starting/Ending Addresses =FFE00000/FFEFFFFF
Number of Effective Bytes             =00100000 (&1048576)

Program Flash Memory (Y/N)? y




・vxWorks BootROMが起動

                            VxWorks System Boot

Copyright 1984-2002  Wind River Systems, Inc.

CPU: MPC8548E – Emerson MVME4100
Version: VxWorks5.5.1
BSP version: 1.2/0
Creation date: May 19 2009, 14:19:43

Press any key to stop auto-boot…

[VxWorks Boot]:


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